2007 FPS Friesian Keuring Results 

"Dreams Come True Farm"

  Our keuring was at Iron Spring Farm in Coatesville, PA. Our 2007 colt, "Xavier of Dreams Come True Farm," a Teade foal, was presented by Bruce & Staci Griffin, as his runners, and with the colt's fondness for Staci, trotted his way to a 2nd premie. Bruce also handled our 5 YO full-papered mare, Heidie of DRF, who remained a 3rd premie, so will be in the show ring in 2008--both driving and under saddle classes.
  Here are Dreams Come True Farm we are all still up in the clouds, estatic and somewhat in awe that our breeding program has already produced such quality Friesian foals. Yes, my dreams keep coming true! Now I am turning my sights to next year, when I plan to keur Heidie for repeat ster mare. Yesterday we separated her and her filly to start weaning Valeree, so in a week, Heidie will be back under saddle and then we will start her conditioning and driving training in earnest

Heidie of DRF Xavier  
 3rd Premie 2001 Mare
2nd Premie 2007 Colt





Her Sire, Ludse 305

His sire, Teade 392
Keuring photos were taken by:

Cally Matherly
CM Photography
10465 N. 32nd St, Richland, MI 49083
Washington, VA 22747

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