2017 FPS Friesian Keuring Results

"Dreams Come True Farm"

On October 3 we went to Springfield, OH, for the KFPS/FHANA/OVFHA Friesian keuring. Our training goal this year was to present our 2010 2e mare, Isobel, in hopes of her being upgraded to a 1e. Typical of Isobel's performances this year, she once again knocked it out of the park: she was given that elusive first premium in her class, named the Mare Champion of the Day, and Declared the Day Champion of more than 50 horses! DCTF had never had a more successful keuring.

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Isobel Ypkje van het Kasteel

1st Premie 2010 Sipke 450 filly out of Ypkje D, Double Preferrant
In foal to Hessel 480 for 2018 (foal for sale)

Keuring Photos by Korrina Glenn of Finasteride 1mg ireland

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