Sold. Congratulations, Carly! May your equestrian experiences continue to grow with Bella as your mount.

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    Raised from birth, this 3/4 Thoroughbred 1/4 Percheron cross mare has become quite the behemouth--17.1 h, but is cooperative and well mannered. Canter departs have been mastered, we are continuing with basic fencing that now includes in and outs and spreads, she gallops quietly cross country and recently we started side saddle work, which has been simply amazing--she has a natural infinity for going aside. In October and November of 2004, Annie, a college student, was visiting and agreed to school Bella over some fences--what a sight to behold [both Annie and Bella]. This mare loves to jump, as you can see in these photos, taken the first time she was seriously schooled over a line of 2, 3, and 4 fences with heights of 3'3"


She has 2 stars!

This is her first turn out here at Dreams Come True Farm.
Once done kicking up her heels, I enjoyed watching her make 2 slow trips around the perimeter of the pasture, checking it all out.



Bella  photos before "Dreams Come True Farm"

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