Sold. Congratulations Lynn @ Swan Lake Stables, PA, and her Granddaughter .

Welcome to the site featuring Gail's American Paint Pony


    She was bought in May 2003 at an Amish farm auction and came to Dreams Come True Farm along side her dam, a beautiful paint. I had never owned a pony, but with the new barn and several empty stalls, there was no reason not to--especially since we thought Thomas' grandchildren would enjoy smaller equines, and we knew the 2 would be coming to a much nicer living environment. By the fall it became obvious that the dam would never be trustworthy around children, so she was sold. Weaned before her dam left, Ginger and our Friesian, Heidie, became stallmates. Basically the only time they are separated is when weather requires us to close up the barn, when each is given a separate stall, instead of sharing a stall with attached paddock area. We are in the process of starting her under saddle.         Ginger continues her training with children astride and is used as a pasture companion for our newly weaned foals. I now have a natural horseman saddle [bareback pad with English irons], so am finally able to get some under saddle training done with adults on her back. She was recently fitted to a harness, but instead of teaching her to drive, I decided to sell her as a child's hunter pony.


Finally ready for pony rides

Ginger and her dam, arriving at Dreams Come True Farm  


She and Heidie are best buddies.
Isn't she the cutest little thing?


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