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Isobel Ypkje van het Kasteel ended 2015 as Isobel Ypkje van het Kasteel Sport Ster!
Elk Creek CDE
Fair Hill, MD
June 6-7, 2015

1st - Driven Dressage Advanced Test - 75.1%
1st - Cones

Combined Test Champion

Driven by trainer, Suzy Stafford

Isobel was purchased as a 2 YO to become a DCTF Friesian broodmare, so our goal for her was the ster predicate. That she far exceeded that goal by also earning her driving Sport Predicate is testament to her performance ability.

When Isobel went to FL to begin her 2015 IBOP training with Cetirizine hydrochloride tablets expire, she had the opportunity to participate in an ADS Driven Dressage event and earned a 66.2% on the Advanced FEI CAI3* HP driven dressage test, earning 1 of the required FHANA 10 points towards the Driving Predicate Sport title. In June her 78.8% score on the same test at the Elk Creek CDE, earned her 3 of the required points, and in September, during a 2 day ADS Driven Dressage Event at the O'Rourke Farm, earned another 6 of the required points with scores of 76.6% and 75.8%, giving her a total of 11 points, securing her Sport title on September 2, more than 2 weeks before her adult keuring!

At the
Coatesville keuring, driven by Suzy Stafford, Isobel's 78 score on the driving IBOP was the highest score of the FHANA circuit to win the 2015 Dream Gait Driving IBOP Cup and when presented in hand, she earned her ster: goal met!

CRAA Summer Spectacular
IFSHA Region 1 Championships
West Springfield, MA
August 27-30, 2015

Driven by trainer, Suzy Stafford:

1st- Carriage Pleasure Driving Working Open
1st- Carriage Pleasure Driving Turnout
1st- Carriage Pleasure Driving Reinsmanship
1st- Carriage Pleasure Driving Obstacles Open
1st- Carriage Pleasure Driving Sport Horse Open

Driven by Emily Langer:

1st- Carriage Pleasure Driving Working Amateur
1st- Carriage Pleasure Driving Sport Horse Amateur

- In Hand Mares 6 & under
1st - Sport Horse in Hand Mares

The Big E, Horseheads, NY
June 18-20, 2015

1st - Preliminary Carriage Horse Dressage-Test 1
1st - Preliminary Carriage Horse Dressage-Test 2
1st - Preliminary Carriage Horse Dressage-Test 3
1st - Preliminary Carriage Horse Dressage-Test 4
4th - Carriage Pleasure Driving Working-Open
3rd Carriage Pleasure Driving Reinsmanship-Open
1st - Carriage Pleasure Driving Pick Your Route-Open

Reserve Champion Carriage Pleasure Driving

Driven by trainer, Suzy Stafford

This was a Morgan show with an open
to any Breed Carriage Pleasure Driving Division

More photos of Isobel at CRAA, driven by Suzy Stafford and Emily Langer

STRIDE Dressage Schooling Show
Florida Horse Park, Ocala, FL
March 1, 2015

1st- Carriage Dressage Preliminary Test 2 - 81.3%
1st - Carriage Dressage Intermediate Test 3 80.2%
2nd - Cones W-T-C 30 cm

Driven by trainer, Suzy Stafford
Citrus Cup Regional Championship
Newbury, FL
April 8-11, 2015

2nd - Carriage Dressage Preliminary Test 2 Open
1st - Carriage Dressage Intermediate Test 3 Open

Driven by trainer, Suzy Stafford
2015 will be Isobel's last show season, because she was purchased to become a broodmare and with her performance achievements she has certainly proven herself.

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