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"Teacher's Pet"

         I owned Pet's dam, Tony Levy (Tb) and had her bred to the famous, 1984 Olympic Gold and Silver medal winner, gray Trakehner, Abdullah, in 1979.  Being a teacher, I had often thought that "Teacher's Pet" would be a super name for a favorite horse, so when foaled, April 14, 1980, that became her name.  She was a bright, flashy chestnut with a lot of spirit and presence.  Over the years she and I have done a little bit of everything from trail riding to jumping to dressage.  Pet is the horse by which I compare all other horses--we knew exactly what to expect from each other and shared many firsts with each other:  She was the first horse moved to the new farm, the first horse ridden here, and sadly, the first horse I had to put down.

First horse stabled at "Dreams Come True Farm"
First horse ridden at "Dreams Come True Farm"
A pasture romp at "Dreams Come True Farm"

Teacher's Pet before we moved to "Dreams Come True Farm"
Created on January 2, 2004 by Gail Aumiller, the photographer, and last updated January 25, 2004.