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    This filly has put her racing days far behind and has become an important component in my barn, since we have a 2 seat, easy entry cart that provides guests of all ages with a fun horse experiencenow goes nicely under saddle and can be ridden by  riders with any level of experience.  This past summer we even had her under western tack! Her basic training is continuing now that Alice has adopted her as a project and has Ty going nicely in the round pen, as well as under saddle. Coming into winter, we are hoping to get some nice sleighing snow falls, because we have only gotten one sleigh ride here at Dreams Come True Farm. Apparently there are still a few dreams to come true for us;-)

June 6, 2004              

August 6. 2004


Kristie enjoying our first sleigh riding
at "Dreams Come True Farm"

Buster like to run with the horses

A sleigh ride at our Chambersburg farm,
when we called it "home" [1985-2003]

Tydess before we moved to "Dreams Come True Farm"

Created on January 17, 2004 by Gail Aumiller, the owner/photographer and last updated August 10,  2004.