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April 15, 2006
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This darling, well-built, healthy filly was born April 15, 2006 and caught us totally unaware. In fact we were nearly 2 hours later than usual in going to the barn to feed that morning, because we had house guests and were waiting for them and their 3 YO daughter to go along with us. I was measuring grain, when I heard Thomas say, "Heidie had her baby last night." I rushed to the stall, not knowing what to expect and was greatly relieved when I saw the cutest little foal, not much more than an hour old, already up and nursing. Thomas quickly scooped the filly up and carried her, while I led the dam to our foaling stall.
is registered with both FHANA [the Friesian Horse Association of North America] and the Dutch FPS [Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (Friesian studbook)], which is the world-wide authority on the Friesian horse and recognized as the European Mother Studbook of the Friesian Horse. Although we have owned Valeree's dam, Heidie of D.R.F. [200250650], since she was a yearling, she was a maiden mare, so we didn't know how she would treat her baby. Other than making the strangest noises when the foal nurses, Heidie couldn't be a better mother. She had no problems with people near her baby or even our Border Collie, Brodie, but she would not allow any of the other horses near the foal, pinning her ears and chasing them off by running at them with bared teeth. A month after foaling, Heidie is still very vigilant and protective when other horses are near--usually keeping herself between the filly and the other horses.
Valeree is
the first Friesian I have raised from inseminating her dam, through gestation, and birthing, so she will always have a very special part of my heart.

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