†Welcome to the Memorial site featuring Gail's Friesian†

"Zo Ž S."[2007-2011]

Bruce Griffin presenting Zoe 2010

This elegant 2007 FHANA/FPS registered filly by Iron Spring Farm's Eriacta vs kamagra and out of Stonehedges' full papered Divalproex sodium er 500 mg cost 1st premie ster mare, Janka W. was the Christmas present to end all presents! Zoe had the looks and the movement that a Friesian is expected to have: lots of mane, tail, and feathering, plus was a sensitive, intelligent extrovert with "boink" in her trot. Foaled March 6, 2007 Zoe was handled daily since birth by Elaine @ Stonehedges of Martha's Vineyard with Natural Horsemanship techniques, so she already had manners, lead, ponied, tied, bathed, clipped, and† loaded when she arrived at DCTF. With her lineage, we planned to present her for ster as a 3 YO, when she will then become our Friesian foundation broodmare.
Since 2005, I had been wanting to get another Friesian, but forced myself to hold off until I had sold my last 5 non-Friesian horses, so I was very anxious to start my search for that special filly and the last Friesian that I plan to purchase.
Zoe was registered with both FHANA [the Friesian Horse Association of North America] and the Dutch FPS
[Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (Friesian studbook)], which is the world-wide authority on the Friesian horse and recognized as the European Mother Studbook of the Friesian Horse.
†† During the winter, when I set up the indoor arena as a playground for the horses, ZoŽ can hardly wait to be turned out to play!
†† In the spring of 2010 Zoe learned to drive, so I spent that summer driving her around the farm, using both the jog cart and my new marathon carriage, and then in the fall took her to her 3 YO keuring, where she was given a 3e, making it necessary to take her back in 2011 for "ster."†
I started "backing" her after the 2010 keuring, using the Parelli method: bareback and with a rope hackamore in the round pen and then moving to the indoor arena. Riding her bareback was so enjoyable that I kept putting off using a saddle, but eventually saddled up.
†† Because my plans for Zoe were her to become Dreams Come True Farm's foundation brood mare, she needed to be a ster, so I had to keur her again. In 2011 during keuring prep training, she had an accident and had to be put down. That day my heart was broken and so many dreams were shattered. I still believe that dreams do come true, but now realize that sometimes along the way there are nightmares.
††† Scroll down for more photos of this remarkable horse.

Zoe's DCTF arrival 2007

Goffert 369 Sport†† [199413361]
Reitse 272, Preferent [197802721]
Nynke J, Ster† [197663410]

March 6, 2007
Janka W, Ster †† [199518400]
Tsjeard 331 [199006951]
Yfke fan Bonnie View, Ster+Preferent [199113580]

June 2011--the last time I saw Zoe ;-(

2010 keuring

2010 keuring

2010 keuring

I adore this filly and have found out that she is certainly strong willed, extremely intelligent, and has impressive reasoning skills.
She has become an enthusiastic soccer player, loves to get up on the tractor tire table, and shows no fear of new objects, which she enjoys working over with tongue and hooves. Her latest antics include jumping barrels just because and standing in the path of the indoor impact sprinkler. My plans for the winter are to do some trick training, as this filly thrives on challenges, and then in the spring start with ground driving.

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As a yearling

August 2008

August 2008

August 2008

Arriving @ Dreams Come True Farm
December 19, 2007

2007 Keuring

2007 Keuring

2007 Keuring

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