2008 FPS Friesian Keuring Results 

"Dreams Come True Farm"

    With our foal and the 3YO to be keured, we went to two different keurings, taking our 2005 Tsjerk filly, "Sjaante," to Morven Park in Leesburg, VA on a gloomy, rainy day. Sjaantje, presented by Bruce and Staci Griffin,was certainly exquisite and although her walk and trot was not what we had been seeing, she still earned a 2e, becoming the first horse we made ster! The judges said she was by far the prettiest and best built mare there that day. There were no 1e's awarded to the 3+ mare group. I thought once I heard the FPS Dutch judges' assessment of her qualities, I'd know exactly what path to follow, but am still undecided as to her 2009 training--perhaps her linear score sheet, will help with that decision. Her immediate future is more under saddle time and driving here at the farm.
    Our second keuring was at Iron Spring Farm in Coatesville, PA. We expected our 2008 filly, "Carlee DCTF," a Teade foal,  would have no problem earning a 2nd premie, but she was judged a 3e, and her score card showed she just needed a .5 higher in her trot to get that 2e, so I am pleased that the FPS now gives written evaluation on the foals. Of course since she has returned to the farm she has displayed the kind of trot that those judges were looking for.
    Here at Dreams Come True Farm we are all still up in the clouds, estatic and somewhat in awe that we helped make a ster mare. Yes, my dreams keep coming true!

2008 FPS/FHANA Keuring Photos

At Iron Spring Farm, Coatesville, PA
At Morven Park, Leesburg, VA
Carlee DCTF
 3rd Premie weanling Teade filly  2nd Premie 2005 Tsjerk Filly
 Her sire, Teade 392



Her sire, Tsjerk 328

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