2013 FPS Friesian Keuring Results   

"Dreams Come True Farm"        

       The 2013 VA keuring belonged to our 2005 Tsjerk X Ritse mare.
 On October 1st we were
at the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington for the KFPS/FHANA/MAFA Friesian keuring where Suzy Stafford drove Sjaantje Sport in the carriage driving IBOP class to an 81.5 score. It was the highest 2013 score in North America and they won the Dream Gait Friesians Driving IBOP Cup! It got better for later that day in her in-hand class, Sjaantje became a 1e [first premium] mare, and before we left the arena, she was also awarded a coveted permanent "Crown" mare title.  Sjaantje's dam, Wiestke Janke V's, 2013 foal, Spartacus DCTF, earned a 3rd premium in the weanling colt class. I find it unbelieveable that as a small farm Friesian breeder, my horses are achieving at these levels.

Left photo: calling Thomas about Sjaantje's 1e Right photo: DCTF Friesian ladies & Sjaantje

Sjaantje Sport

2013 Highest North American
Driving IBOP score of 81.5

Suzy Stafford whip

October 1, 2013
Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA

1st Premie & "Crown" mare, Sjaantje Sport
2005 Tsjerk X Ritse mare out of Wietske Janke V, ster

IBOP & Keuring Photos by Jessica Mendoza

Spartacus DCTF

3rd Premie 2013 Sape 381 colt
 out of Wietske Janke V, ster

Now owned by Teresa, Geneva, NY


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