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SOLD December 2015

 Lillee D.C.T.F.

     Foaled May 5, 2011 just after midnight, this healthy, leggy, and very elegant 2011 FHANA/FPS registered filly by Signature Friesians' Sape 381 and out of our sweet ster mare, Wietske Janke V, has made us count our many blessings. I have had my eye on Sape ever since he won the 2001 KFPS Stallion Show, but until he came to the United States that wasn't a possibility for me. I know I was one of the first to breed to him when he arrived at Matt & Pam Gish's Friesian farm in Baldwin City, Kansas. It was so worth it!
    As a  3 YO,
Lillee was  bred to Lolke for a spring 2015 foal and then went to Sweigart Stables in Denver, PA, to get hitched. Brook got the job done in 2 1/2 months! I brought her home and drove her around the farm until she went on maternity leave in November. Before then Jodi Van Sprang, Ride With Expression, got a dozen rides in and was pleased with her calmness and balanced canter: never asked for, but given.
    April 13, 2015 Lillee had her foal, a lovely large Lolke colt that we named Winston DCTF. Winston was weaned in August and September 1, I started Lillee back; round penning and long lining in her first session; long lining and ground driving in her second session; and then ground driving and hitched on her third. Absolutely no issues in any of her training sessions, which is impressive for a horse that has not been fooled with for 10 months!
    To see Lillee's keuring photos, click this link: Can you get wellbutrin in uk

At her foal keuring, earning a 2e

With her dam, Wietske, at the keuring

With her dam, Wietske, at the keuring

With her dam, Wietske, at the keuring


In 2010 we bred our ster mare, Wietske Janke V, to Buying meloxicam online stallion, Where can i buy tretinoin cream online, who was the 2001 KFPS World Champion Stallion. This  filly was Wietske's eighth foal, so she knew the routine and foaled quickly. I had been hoping for another filly this year, once again braiding with pink socks! It works;-)
    Lillee is r
egistered with both Accutane prescription canada [the Friesian Horse Association of North America] and the Dutch FPS [Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (Friesian studbook)], which is the world-wide authority on the Friesian horse and recognized as the European Mother Studbook of the Friesian Horse. Her dam, a very kind, sweet, friendly mare and excellent mother, Wietske Janke V [199925360] was sired by Ritse and is a "ster" Friesian mare.
    This filly is very strong, active, curious, bold, very independent, and extremely friendly. She has been regularly handled since day 1, wearing a halter since birth, and loves being groomed and since weaned has the run of the barn and farm when we are doing chores. This "roaming" makes youngsters confident and independent.

Sape 381 Sport    [199732061]
Fabe 348 [199311601]
Olcha, Model+Pref, Ster  [198896700]

March 26, 2009
Zovirax ointment online canada, Ster    [199925360]
Ritse 322 [198909021]
Janke W., Ster [199508300]

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At her 2011 Keuring--2e

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