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Sold"Wietske Janke V"

   In June of 2005 I retired from a teaching career, and with the extra time in my daily schedule, it seemed only natural that I fill it with more Friesians! Wietske was imported from the Netherlands with the help of Rick & Ellen of Pleasant View Friesians as the mare part of my 3 in 1 package.  She is a ster mare and registered with both FHANA [the Friesian Horse Association of North America] and the Dutch FPS [Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (Friesian studbook)], which is the world-wide authority on the Friesian horse and recognized as the European Mother Studbook of the Friesian Horse.
    Sired by Ritse, Wietske Janke V [199925360], 
is a  "ster" Friesian mare and supposed to ride and drive, but I am sure that was before she began her career as a broodmare, so since I have have owned her, I ride her lightly for 3 months until I put her on maternity leave 3 months before she is due. The past few years sh has been used as a lesson horse and currently is being leased by a dressage rider.  See her pedigree.
    I am no longer breeding Wietske, because I am breeding 2 of her offspring: 2005 Sjaantje Sport Crown and Lillee DCTF, so Wietske was sold in 2015 to a loving family in NJ. She had been ridden regularly and shown in Intro dressage tests and now has become a family horse, something she is extremely well suited to do.

Sjaantje, born in 2005 and sired by Tsjerk, was her 2nd foal--in 2004 she had a colt by Tsjerk, "Oldert" [200401397]. When I bought Wietske, she was in foal to Ait for 2006.
    Witeske's 2006 colt, Ulysses sired by Ait 410, was born March 8, 2006 and Thomas and I were both there to watch [and video] and help. Since this was her 3rd foal, she knew the routine and is an excellent mother. Wietske's 2007 Teade colt, Xavier, was born March 19. When he was weaned, I started Wietske back under saddle and enjoy riding her, especially bareback. We have even ride trails and I have her cantering--the first Friesian I have ridden at a canter! In 2008 Wietske had a nice Teade filly, Carlee, so I bred back to Teade and now Carlee has a full sister, Fancee, foaled March 26, 2009.
    She was bred to Erik [very low inbreeding coefficient and relationship percentages] and had a 2010 colt, Hercules. In 2010 Wietske was bred to Sape and had an exquisite 2011 filly, Lillee. She was not in foal for 2012, giving her time off to develop as a riding horse. With her quiet and steadfast personality, she has become a very nice lesson horse and made her public debut at the PA Harrisburg Horse Exp in 2012 and her show debut at the 2012 MAFA show, Herndon, VA. In 2013 Wietske was breed to Sape, and had a colt, "Spartacus." Spartacus was such a nice colt, that I bred Wietske back to him for a 2014 foal. Trudee was born May 7, 2014 and is simply spectacular and bold. Wietske returned to the
2015 Harrisburg, PA, Horse Expo. and Trudee made her public debut there in Parade of Breeds.

Wietske Janke V has been a delightfully perfect broodmare; she has no bad habits to teach her foals, and practiced "tough love," so her babies learned respect.

After having 10 foals in 11 years, this mare has more than earned her retirement as a broodmare. DCTF is now breeding her offspring, and in 2015 Wietske became a grandma with a granddaughter and a grandson.

She is for sale to a special home that will appreciate this lovely Friesian mare and treat her like a queen.

Currently she is on a month to month lease by a dressage rider, so is ridden regularly.
Wietske's 2014 filly, Trudee DCTF 3 days old
Trudee at her 2014 September keuring

Trudee 1 month old

Wietske and Cyndi at the 2012 PA Horse Expo
Wietske was not bred in 2011 for a 2012 foal, so she was used for expos and shows. She has been bred for a 2013 foal.
Click on this link for Wietske's 2012 show photos

Wietske, Natalie, & Jodi winning "Family Time"

Wietske and her 2013 Sape colt, Spartacus, 3 days old

Spartacus and Wietske Janke V

Her 2011 foal: Lillee, 1 week old

Lillee, 1 week old

Lillee, 1 week old

Lillee, 2 months old

Her 2010 foal: Hercules, 2 days old

Hercules, 4 days old

Hercules, 3 weeks old

Hercules, 2 month old

A day before foaling

The day before she foaled in 2009.

2009 Teade filly, Fancee

2008 Teade filly, Carlee

2007 Teade colt, Xavier

2006 Ait colt, Ulysses

2005 Tsjerk filly, Sjaantje

2004 colt, Oldert


Her 1st turnout at Dreams Come True Farm

With 2005 filly in CEM quarantine

This was taken the 1st time I saw her!

Created on October 3, 2005  by Gail Aumiller, the owner/photographer, and last updated September 7, 2015.