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   Dally, a 1994 Thoroughbred, arrived at our barn February 1, 1999, having been purchased from PA's Hunt & Hackaway Stable's, Linda Will.  I grew up in Milroy, so I went there to look at Linda's Tb-Percheron stallion, Scribble Me Duke, since I had been obsessing on this type of cross breed and had decided to breed one of my Tb mares for such a foal.  Imagine my delight when I found a nice, big [16.2h] mare already in foal to him!  It didn't take long to rationalize buying her--she was already in foal and although not broken, she had a kind eye, I liked her size, and I needed to start retiring my 20 YO mare, so Dally could become my main riding horse until her to be born foal was old enough. By the time her foal arrived, she had been pretty well saddle broken and is currently begin ridden regularly.  Since June 2001 a lot of effort has been put into her training--especially her jumping.
These fence photos were taken in November 2001. Lisa does a nice job.
The above photos were taken in late March, when I finally started riding her outside the barn area.

Her foal, a filly, arrived April 23, 1999.  The photo on the left of the 2 was taken when the filly was just 1 day old.

The bottom pasture photos were taken during the summer.  I parked my stock trailer in the paddock, put her feed bucket inside, and within a week, she was walking on the trailer!

Santa brought a 60 foot diameter panel round pen to help with training both Dally and her 1999 filly.  I have neither the physically fit body nor the time that I used to have needed to ride untrained horses.  Perhaps an August fall resulting in broken ribs and later getting bucked/thrown off  have either smartened me up or made me more cautious?
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