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    I adore horses--in fact when I was a child I wanted to grow up to be a horse!  My parents bought me my first horse, Apache Lady, the summer before I started 6th grade, and except for my college years, I have always owned horses--at first just 1, and althougth once this barn was up to 9, I have learned that 4 is a comfortable number for me. For 18 years this farm was our home.                                                                                                         

The horses that were in my Chambersburg, PA, barn
Teacher's Pet, a 1980 Anglo-Trahekner [Abdullah] mare
Fettucina, a 1990 Holsteiner mare
Futurina, a 2001 Holsteiner Tydess, a 1997 Standardbred filly
Duke's Isabella, a 1999 Thoroughbred-Percheron filly Herd photos
The picture above was taken when I was in Junior High School and was typical of my carefree summers -- bare-legged; bare-footed; bare-back!
My holiday horse!
[An irresistable find  at Carlisle's Agway store!]
The above picture was taken several years ago.  Life must no longer be carefree--nothing is bare ;-)

Archives [Previously owned]

Earlys Mtn Amber Star, a 1999 Tb-Appy; sold December 1999 Macintosh, a 1987 Standardbred gelding; sold May 2000
Flying Forever, a 1993 Thoroughbred mare, sold June 2000 Dallyece, a 1994 Thoroughbred mare; sold May 2002

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