Welcome to the site featuring photos of the Morrill's Filly,

"Early's Mountain Amber Star"

    She was foaled April 8, 1999 in Chambersburg, PA.  Her dam, owned by Gail Aumiller, was the Tb, "Flying Forever," and her sire the Appalossa, "The American Man."  Rob and Jud's filly is not only a looker, but moves with grace and presence.  In December we trailered her, along with her pet ram, Dodge, to her new home with the Morrill's in NC.

This is the last photo taken before she [red halter] and the ram left for her new home.   September Photos   July Photos
This is her sire,  "The American Man, " who stands at 
Country Acres, Fayetteville, PA.


These pictures were taken April 24, 1999, during her first experience with the large pasture.

These pictures were taken May 8 and 16, 1999.


These pictures were taken June 23, 1999 at the farm where her sire stands.




Created on July 13, 1999 by Gail Aumiller, the photographer.  Last updated January 2, 2000.