Welcome to the site featuring Gail's Standardbred


    Mac, a 1987 Standardbred, arrived at our barn in 1997, having been purchased at the New Holland Sale Barn in PA.  Yes, his namesake is the Macintosh computer, my computer of choice.  His main function was to pull our jog cart and when we had snow, the sleigh, but has since been trained for riding.  He has become my elusive "kids' horse," because he is so sensible and gentle.

       Look what Alice bought the horses for Christmas--their own Santa hat!

         My friend, Alice, spent a lot of her time helping Mac become a nice saddle horse.
      Thomas, the driver in the sleigh photos, can handle a hitched horse quite nicely. Buster, our dog, is never far away from the horses.


Created on October 3, 1999 by Gail Aumiller, the photographer, and last updated January 2, 2000.