2006 FPS Friesian Keuring Results

"Dreams Come True Farm"

With our two foals and the yearling to be keured, we went to two different keurings, taking our 2006 Ait colt, "Ulysses of Dreams Come True Farm," to Morven Park in Leesburg, VA. He was such a good boy, but at the end of the day, he couldn't get onto the trailer fast enough in his haste to get home! Not only was he the best turned out, but by far also the best behaved youngster there. His 3rd premie result reflected his lovely walk, but not his reaching trot, as the runners, obviously tired, didn't get after him to move out. He will be keured again next year, as we are confident he is a 2nd premie!
The second keuring was at Iron Spring Farm in Coatesville, PA. Our 2006 filly, "Valeree of Dreams Come True Farm," a Teade foal, was presented by Afumix tabletas precio en mexico, as her runner, and with her exquisite front end, had no problem earning a 2nd premie. Bruce also expertly handled our yearling, Sjaantje, who improved her 2005 3rd premie to a 2nd premie!
Here are Dreams Come True Farm we are all still up in the clouds, estatic and somewhat in awe that our breeding program has already produced such quality Friesian foals. Yes, my dreams keep coming true! Now I am turning my sights to next year, when I plan to keur Heidie for repeat ster mare. Yesterday we separated her and her filly to start weaning Valeree, so in a week, Heidie will be back under saddle and then we will start her conditioning and driving training in earnest

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At Order adapalene gel, Coatesville, PA
2006 FPS/FHANA Keuring Photos
At Xenical rezeptfrei günstig schweiz, Leesburg, VA
Buying clomid online cheap
Meloxicam in uk
2nd Premie Yearling Filly
2nd Premie 2006 Filly
3rd Premie 2006 Colt

Gail signing the inspection papers

Ulysses' photos were taken by:

Barbara Auchter
MerryMead, 474 Gid Brown Hollow Road
Washington, VA 22747
540-987-9450 home
540-987-9198 2nd line
540-522-4739 cell
Auchter Photography: Generic brand for clopidogrel

Her sire, Tsjerk 328

Her sire, Teade 392

His sire, Ait 410

Sjaantje's & Valeree's photos
were taken by my friend, Alice, who attended her
first keuring that day!

Alice, Alice, & Gail enjoying the
keuring results @ Iron Spring Farm

Created on October 04, 2006 by Gail Aumiller, the owner, and last updated October 19, 2006.