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"Flying Forever"

   "Forever," a Thoroughbred, was born in our barn on May 3, 1993.  We raised her sire, Tony's Flyer, and bought her dam from Joe at Charlestown Racetrack. She was a beautiful foal, easy to saddle break, but maturing to 15.3h, she never got as tall as I prefer.  She rides, but being used as a broodmare for the last 2 years, needs the edge taken off, which we have been doing recently. She was bred in 1998 to Cost of duloxetine in australia' Appoloosa, "The American Man."  The resulting foal, Buy tretinoin cream in uk, was just perfect, so I was planning to breed her again this spring, but my "spur of the moment" buying a Buying viagra germany mare has forced me to put her on the market.  She is a beauty and fablous broodmare, who needs a loving family!
One day old

As a foal she was always alert and friendly.
Isn't she fabulous?
As a 6 YO with her '99 Xenical order online canada
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