Dreams Come True Farm 2011 Feathered Horse Classic Show Photos

    This was our first Feathered Horse Classic and I was really impressed with the friendliness of everyone at this show. It was an honor meeting so many lovely Gypsy Vanner owners. What intrigued me about the prize list for this show was the "ground driving" class--I had never heard of it, couldn't find any information about it, so had the show managment explain it to me. It was such a fun class--not only did we win that class, but I was also complimented by some of the spectators on how smoothly I manuvered the pattern. For my costume class I dressed as Lady Gaga and rode aside.

 Enjoy these 2 rows of show photos taken
     by the show photographer, Mystical Photography   



Created on December 30, 2011  by Gail Aumiller, and last updated December 31, 2011