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Zoe S. & Gail 3rd place halter
   2009 was the first that Thomas and I traveled with horse trailer and carriage trailer, out of state, and over night to attend our first All Friesian horse show, The Ohio Valley Friesian Horse Classic, held in Columbus, OH, at the Ohio State Fair on August 8. We took 2 of our young horses, Zoe, a 2 YO Goffert filly, and Carlee, a 1 YO Teade filly, who had never been shown, so this was a show of "firsts" for them, too.
   I planned to show both of them in the in hand trail class, and have Griffin Sport Horses, Bruce & Staci, show them in the halter class.  Since I had never been in any kind of trail class, I spent months, reading about trail classes, and had my youngsters well trained on all the obstacles and patterns they might be asked to perform--they even side passed. I had even taken them to a local horse show as spectators to become comfortable in that environment. Our performance in those trail classes was a learning experience. Even though the trail class was the only class we didn't place in at this show, it was the class that taught me the most. Since I didn't complete the course with either filly, I need to be aware of the class time limit, develop better strategies and not over estimate my horses' confidence in me.

   2009 OVFHC Show Results 

Zoe's & Carlee's Classes

Friesians 2 and under Halter:  Carlee - 1st   Zoe - 3rd
Trail Class in Hand

Bruce & Carlee 1st place halter


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